The "Right Solution" for Foundation Problems

Problem solving — backed by solid engineering — is the very foundation of our business.

Unlike some companies who simply apply one system or technology to every foundation problem, Cochren Foundation & Repair Company customizes a proven, cost-effective, easy-to-install foundation repair system to solve your specific home foundation problems.

Over 40 Years of ExperienceWhether it's:
checkmark a shifting foundation
checkmark a cracked foundation
checkmark bowed basement walls
checkmark waterproofing a basement foundation
checkmark lowering a basement by underpinning or bench ledging

a highly capable team of structural foundation experts here at Cochren Foundation & Repair will work with you to find the optimal foundation repair solution that best meets your unique needs.

We are confident in our products and people which are the basis of our organization!

What's New!

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The right SOLUTIONS to foundation issues using newly engineered and proven structural repair and rehabilitation technologies:

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