Cochren Foundation & Repair Company, Stoney Creek Foundation Repair Contractors - Unlike some companies in Stoney Creek who simply apply one system or technology to every foundation problem, Cochren Foundation & Repair Company customizes a proven, cost-effective and easy-to-install foundation repair system to solve your specific home foundation problems. Contact us today for an estimate in Stoney Creek.

Foundation Wall Replacement

Foundation Wall Replacement in Stoney Creek

Often a foundation wall of your Stoney Creek home is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced in its entire section. When this occurs that section of the home is shored and the wall is removed and replaced with a stiffer wall engineered to suit.

Retaining Wall (before)Retaining Wall (after)

Retaining Walls in Stoney Creek

This Stoney Creek home retaining wall could not be saved. A cost saving alternate to removing the concrete driveway involved shoring the slab and rebuild a reinforced wall by shotcreting with out form work in one day!

Stabilization (before)Stabilization (after)

When retaining walls of your Stoney Creek home fail, the solution is not always rebuild. Using horizontal helical piers retaining walls can be realigned and stabilized permanently for significantly less than replacement.

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Bowed Walls

Bowed Walls in Stoney Creek

If your basement walls are starting to bow in or develop cracks we can provide an instant but permanent solution for your Stoney Creek home. By installing earth anchors, we can stabilize and in most cases bring the foundation wall back into vertical alignment. This process takes 1 or 2 days to correct.

House Settlement (before)House Settlement (after)

House Settlement in Stoney Creek

Typically, a Stoney Creek house will initially settle from 3/4" to 1" without damage to the structure. Settlement beyond this limit will cause cracking to brick veneer/ drywall, make doors and windows difficult to open, create unevenness in the floor(s). Using a piering system, we can stabilize your Stoney Creek home and in most cases lift the home back to its original elevation. Typically a repair takes 2 or 3 days.

Foundation Repair Systems in Stoney Creek

There are a variety of foundation repair systems available in Stoney Creek to repair and stabilize a damaged foundation. We will review your specific situation and recommend a solution that will be best suited to your homes' specific needs.

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Wall AnchorsWall Anchors

Wall anchors

  • Stabilizes cracking and bowed foundation walls of your Stoney Creek home
  • Wall plate provides further support
  • Installs with limited access
  • Quick installation in all weather
  • Economical, reliable system

Helical Anchors

Helical Anchors

  • Close cracks in masonry
  • Stops settlement and provides structural lift of your Stoney Creek home
  • Decreases separation at door and window
    frames caused by settlement
  • Installs on interiors or exteriors
  • Mechanically drilled installation

Push Piers

Push Piers

(also known as micropiles, end bearing steel piers or resistance piers)
  • Stops settlement and provides lift of your Stoney Creek home
  • Recovers lost elevation bringing structure to desired elevation
  • Installs on interiors or exteriors
  • Hydraulically secured
  • No Heavy Equipment

Helical PiersHelical Piers

Helical Piers

  • Enhances foundation strength in poor soil conditions in Stoney Creek
  • Stops settlement and provides lift
  • Installs in interior or exterior locations
  • Mechanically drilled installation
  • Option for new construction


Why Cochren Foundation is the right choice for your Stoney Creek Foundation Repair project?

  • Cochren Foundation as an industry leader has over 40 years of construction expertise, specializing in foundation and structural repairs and improvements (foundation wall repair, retaining wall reconstruct, stabilize bowed or cracked walls, and house structural settlement)
  • We employee only the most experienced foundation construction professionals, who are knowledgeable, capable, polite and respectful
  • We successfully completed several foundation repair projects in the Stoney Creek area
  • Proud Member of ORCGA, Professional Engineers of Ontario, and the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association
  • WSIB Registered
  • Liability Insured

We'll be more the happy to answer any questions you may have about foundation repair in Stoney Creek. Contact us today find out if foundation wall repair or a retaining wall reconstruction is suitable for your Stoney Creek home.

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